The Brown Footage-Cliff Barackman’s Analysis

Bigfoot Researcher Cliff Barackman provides an in depth analysis of the FLIR video footage captured by Stacy Brown of The Sasquatch Hunters

The Brown Footage

This interesting clip of video was obtained by a father and son team from Florida on May 8, 2012, sometime between midnight and 1 am. Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. are the minds behind the website, The Sasquatch Hunters. The two men were bigfooting somewhere on the panhandle of Florida around the town of Quincy on the night they got their footage. The exact location is between the property where the Bridges have their ongoing encounters, and where I recorded a “whoop” vocalization last year.

The night the two men were camping, they tried a passive approach by simply having a campfire and playing loud music on a stereo. Every once in a while the duo would go for walks without using any lights. No other campers or people of any sort were ever observed on that night, and both witnesses are sure they were the only people present.

Stacy Brown Sr. was armed with a FLIR Scout thermal imager with which he was continually scanning the nearby woods. He had the polarity switched on the FLIR, so that the warm things in the viewfinder appeared black as opposed to the more commonly used white.

At some point in the evening, they heard some knocks, so they walked in that direction. Every time they heard noises, it seemed like it was just a little bit ahead of them, no matter how far they went. Stacy Sr. then saw a heat signature from behind some trees a little ways off into the palmettos. Whatever it was stepped briefly out into the open. What Stacy Sr. saw was a large, man-shaped figure take one long step and disappear into the brush. He turned to his son who had not seen the figure at all and said, “We gotta go.”

Read the rest of the analysis by visiting Cliff Barackman’s page here

Bigfoot DNA Continued…

Benjamin Radford, columnist for Livescience, Bad Science gives us a quick breakdown.
” Any proof?

It’s a fascinating theory.

So where’s the evidence? Well, there is none. Not yet, anyway: Ketchum’s research has not appeared in any peer-reviewed scientific journal, and there’s no indication when that might happen. If the data are good and the science is sound, any reputable science journal would jump at the chance to be the first to publish this groundbreaking information. Until then, Ketchum has refused to let anyone else see her evidence.”

Read the entire article here:

Benjamin Radford is deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine and author of six books, including Tracking the Chupacabra and Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries. His website is

Also a short clip on Cliff Barackman’s take on the DNA issue at hand:

New trackway of Bigfoot prints discovered in Washington

When I saw the photos, I got goosebumps. Not only were some of the tracks perfect, there were so many of them and they were very fresh!

I immediately contacted Derek and begged him to answer my questions and he was very gracious to accommodate me this morning!

Listen here:

The story begins when a couple of men looking for a good fishing spot discovered hundreds of prints with a 4-5 foot stride. They immediately left the area and emailed Cliff Barackman. Cliff is on break from filming Finding Bigfoot right now and was enjoying time away from society and did not reply to the email. The fishermen then contacted the BFRO and investigator Scott Taylor was dispatched to conduct the investigation.

Scott graciously shared the find with Derek and Paul from the Olympic Projects. Guy Edwards was there, Thom Powell showed up to gather some casts. Dr. Meldrum was contacted and will probably be making the trip to the location this weekend, however, the tracks are now beginning to deteriorate due to weather changes.

Derek was able to find a starting and ending point of the tracks and it is speculated that the creature was headed towards an abundant blackberry thicket.

The process has been thoroughly documented and we are sure to learn some very important behavioral information from this discovery.

Thank you BFRO researcher Scott Taylor, Davide Ellis, Richard Noll, Derek Randles and all others who share information so freely with all of us!

photo courtesy of Derek Randles
photo courtesy of Derek Randles

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