Bigfooters and Good Vibrations

For the past three years the Fathom Frontiers and I have put on an event we like to call Bigfoot Adventure Weekends. We sign up a bunch of newbies and invite our former attendees for a weekend of Bigfoot Research training.
Each year we have new families and new people and it really has been a very memorable experience for all.

In 2014 we met Hayden Brooks. His mom registered him in December for his Christmas present.
After emailing her several times she revealed that Hayden had Williams Syndrome…she asked if that would be a problem. I discussed this with my partners Alan and Jesse and we decided we were ok with it.

The day arrives and we greet our guests. Hayden took to Momma Bigfoot, Alan and Jesse like we were life long friends.

I entertained the kids as often as I could while Alan and Jesse took care of the adults. Everyone had such a good time.
But Hayden wanted all of our attention. He made us laugh, we took care of his pricker cuts,
and we entertained him and the boys.
We really brought him under our wing and gave him a lot of attention. By the end of the weekend, we were totally in touch with all of our attendees, especially Hayden.

This past week Alan and I had the opportunity to hook up with the cast of Finding Bigfoot. We told Ranae about Hayden. Walter Tippie had brought a Bigfoot footprint cast that he wanted the cast to sign and give to Hayden.
ranae and hayden
Walter and Alan managed to get the whole cast to sign the print.

Then Ranae said, “I want to meet Hayden”.
I phoned Hayden’s mom Kelly and told her we need to work on making this happen. She was in tears.
Today, Hayden met Cliff, Bobo and Ranae. Ranae and the gang came through for our little guy.bobo and haydenhayden and ranae

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Bigfoot Adventure Weekends! one camper’s experience

The following is submitted by S.F.

Well, I am mostly caught up on my rest from the Bigfoot Adventure Weekend at Salt Fork. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. The organizing crew put a lot of nice activities and souvenirs together for us. We had cool “night ops” hiking trips. We didn’t get any action on either night, but it was still cool. There was another BF group nearby, so it was a little crowded in the park. I met some really great people, and got to hang out with others that I knew.

I wasn’t scared in the least running around the woods until the wee hours of the morning, and I wasn’t scared about sleeping in my tent alone at night, even if we were camped out on Bigfoot Ridge.

I did get some sort of action Saturday night. This nice older gentleman and I went out again on a hike near the campsite after everyone got back from night ops. We had made that plan earlier in the day. There was a ravine and creek that he scoped out the month before about a quarter of a mile from our campsite. We trekked off down a game path and hung a glow stick on a tree so we wouldn’t get lost. Then we marched through until the game path was gone and we were stuck. I was also worrying about this time that we would get lost. My friend realized that we couldn’t get to his spot because in one month’s time, it had become terribly overgrown. So I wasn’t thinking about BF, I was just thinking about not getting lost. Then he asked me if I could whistle, which I can’t very well. Later he told me that he heard a whistle. I didn’t feel creepy or scared, I was just marking the path with land marks. We weren’t that far from camp anyway, but that was my concern.

So we make it back to the road, thanks to my friend’s compass. We sat down in the grass in the turnaround on the road and could hear the rest of the group laughing around the campfire. As we were cooling off and re-grouping looking at the stars, we came up with a plan to go down a beautifully mowed wide path that went to some sort of historic farm house. As we slowly walked down the path with our head lamps lit, it was refreshing to be out of the thick woods, (although there were woods on either side), and I was thankful that I would not be lost. There was another mowed path to the left and I suggested that we plunk down there because it may be a good spot at the intersection of two paths. Everything was cool, we’re just chilling, it was quiet and peaceful, then after about 10-20 minutes, all of the sudden the forest around us came alive. About 1 O’clock from where I was sitting, my friend was next to me and a little behind me, we hear some big sticks breaking in the woods. I looked that direction and saw two green small lights, or eyes, or whatever it was, looking or shining right at me. I asked my friend if he could see them, and he could not. I just kept my eyes looking there trying to figure out what it was. My attention was up, but I wasn’t freaking out or anything. Then we heard large movement behind us. Then we heard more movement in front of us. Now I was at full attention. Still I could see the green lights in the same place. Then we heard two BIG foot falls, and my friend said, “They’re out there!” I said, “Yeah, I know!” Now I am trying to be cool and not panic, just like I was taught. My buddy is a retired naturalist, ex-army and said that he doesn’t get excited about anything. That I could attest to because he was fearless in the woods earlier. Then he says, “turn out your headlamp.” So I did. We were in total darkness with movement happening all around us. I got the feeling we were being watched, I got the feeling that I was small, and I got the feeling that Bigfoots were close, more than one of them at that. Then my friend tells me that in his night scope binoculars, or whatever it was, that he just saw an arm, shoulder and half a head from behind a tree. I’m like, “WHAT?! You just saw WHAT?!!!!!!” Then I flipped my red light headlamp back on. He snapped, turn your light off, and I said, “No, I don’t want to!” He asked me to turn it off again and I said no. The sounds were so close and I was feeling surrounded. It was the only thing I could do to make me feel a little bit safer and the only thing that kept me in that spot and not run out of there. I wanted to stay cool, but I felt like I was almost in over my head there. It was getting deep, thick and black. So that’s when I pulled the phone out of my pocket and text messaged my researchers that were on standby at the campsite should anything happen. It was 0148. They arrived on the scene and investigated the area. He did a thermal sweep of the area and nothing showed up. One of the guys said he heard a knock on the path leading to where we were. Our investigator said that without knowing for sure that the green reflection might be from the foundation of the farm house that was down the path. The green “eyes” were still there and after hanging out for a bit, we packed it in and went back.

The next morning my friend and I went back to check out the spot. I had left my carpet sample pad in the same place where I had been sitting and he walked back into the trees to the approx area where we heard the sticks breaking and the green eyes. He informed me that there was a 100 foot drop off where the eyes were, so there was no way that it was in the line of sight with the farm foundation. That farm was not close or a factor. So maybe it snuck up to the edge to peek over, and that’s why it wouldn’t have been seen by the thermal because the body was below on the ridge.

Anyway, I can’t say for sure what it was, but as there was a tree twist on that path that we saw, and multiple other sightings on that path, and from how I felt, and what I heard, and what I saw, and what my friend saw, and what he heard and what he felt, I think we had a Bigfoot experience at Salt Fork State Park, Saturday May 31st, 2014. I can’t prove it, and maybe it was something else, but it was majorly creepy and scared me so that my hands were shaking and I almost couldn’t type the text to my researcher.

Honestly, I don’t think that I’ll ever “go looking” for a Bigfoot experience like that again. I think I’ve seen and heard enough to satisfy my interest.

I think I need to do a little work on the fear factor aspect of this, but hey, you sit there and think you are surrounded by BF with the old Army guy saying the same thing and tell me what you would do!


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Bigfoot Adventure Weekends!

Coming soon to a forest near you!

Experience what it is like to be a Bigfoot researcher. Join Sharonlee and Monica Rawlins on the Bigfoot Adventure Weekend you’ve been waiting for!

For four days and three nights, you can experience the thrill of a lifetime searching for the elusive creature known as Bigfoot. Join researchers as they take you on an expedition, learn from seminars and hands on training, as well as actual night investigations, to help you along the road of Bigfoot research.

Learn from seasoned researchers during our hands-on workshops:
Trail Cam set up
Baiting 101
Evidence collection
Vocalization analysis

Our first event will be held at Salt Fork State Park June 13-16th. As an introductory special to kick off our new business venture, we will be offering the weekend at a special inaugural price of only $100 per person!
BONUS! If you pre-register by April 13th we will discount the cost to only $75 per person! That’s right!
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