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I was invited by my friend Dax Rushlow to go Bigfoot hunting on snowmobiles in New Hampshire.
I hadn’t had an adventure for awhile so I took him up on his offer.
Let me tell you, when Dax says he knows where the Bigfoot are, you best believe him!

I arrived at the airport late on Thursday and Dax was there to pick me up. We went back to his house where he had a nice bottle of wine waiting for me and his wife had bought some pizza for us.

We chatted for awhile then crashed for the evening.

We got up and out the next morning for our 4 hour drive up to the White Mountains.white mountains

Driving up through the Franconia Notch I saw beautiful blue ice on the rocks; caused by certain minerals within the stone.

As we made our way up, I had cell phone coverage enough to keep hassling Melissa and Gabrielle. Then pfft…no more cell coverage.

We arrived at our destination, Pittsburgh, New Hampshire. We unloaded the vehicle and unpacked, then headed out on the trails after dark.

This was my first time on a snowmobile. The weather was a balmy 19 degrees and when you are dressed for the weather, you don’t even feel the cold.

We zipped around some trails and I guess the darkness made me feel safe because I felt no fear trying to keep up with Dax.

We ended up at the Buck Rub Pizza Pub where the waitresses all know Dax. I soon realized that besides the waitresses, I was one of very few women in the place. It was hottie heaven! I began taking pictures and getting numbers from men for my daughter. But that’s another story! LOL

We headed back to our cabin and stayed up until 2 am talking bigfoot and listening to music.

We got up at 8 am and by 8:30 were back out on the snowmobiles. As beautiful as it was the night before, it was a now 9 below zero out, making 19 degrees seem very comfortable.

We fueled up the snowmobiles then headed north for the day.

I was on the constant look-out for moose yet there were none to be seen. Remarkable since there were at least 10 signs on the road warning of moose/vehicle collisions. We did see many moose and deer prints.

We were zipping along for about an hour, me way behind Dax. I was happy at a 25 mph hour pace accelerating once in awhile to catch up to Dax.

Suddenly, I found myself whizzing past Dax’s snowmobile which was stopped and he was hopping off. I had no idea what he was doing! I turned off the snowmobile and followed after him on foot.

It was then that he showed me the most amazing set of tracks. One look and I knew they weren’t moose or human. He stepped off the trail to investigate the tracks and immediately sank in 3 feet of snow!dax in snow

After studying the tracks and trying to rule out the obvious, I was convinced that these were Bigfoot tracks.
There were no drag marks that a human or moose would have left in 3+ feet of snow. Whatever made these tracks cleared each step. The steps were 4 feet apart making the stride 8 feet.


We continued along, not able to follow the trackway due to the depth of the snow.

Another hour and we were 5 miles from the Canadian border.canada

There were these adorably sweet birds called Gray Jays that were waiting for us at the junction. They are very friendly and will come and eat out of your hand!gray jay

We rode another few miles and came upon the warming station. It was now only 5 below zero, but I still needed to warm up!below zero


We left there after warming up with some hot chocolate and headed back down towards town. We arrived back at the Buck Rub Pub at 2 pm. We had been riding for 5.5 hours and covered 120 miles of territory. My body felt like a limp noodle!

We stayed at the pub for awhile making friends and eating the most delicious fries I have ever had! There are called “poutain”. French fries covered in gravy with melted curd cheese. Heaven. poutain

It started to get dark so we headed back to the cabin (this is my sweet ride!)my ride

The weather took a very nasty turn and we were resigned to stay in for the evening.

The following morning the weather had not let up. It was Super Bowl Sunday and we had a 4 hour drive back to Dracut, Massachussetts, so we packed up and headed for home. All the way back down the mountain, through the Franconia Notch, through Moose Alley and I still did not see one darn moose!

We got back to Dax and Cyndi’s house in time to unload, shower and watch the Super Bowl. My flight was scheduled to leave on Monday so I made it an early night.

The next day I woke up, packed, showered, was all ready to go home, when I found out that all flights were cancelled due to the storm. Cyndi hung out with me all day and we killed time by shoveling snow. I was on hold for 2 hours with US Airways to get me on a flight out Tuesday. No go. She was only able to get me on a flight for Wednesday. Unreal!
I was homesick and missing work so I took charge…on Tuesday morning Cyndi dropped me off at the airport and I rented a 2014 Dodge Charger and headed home! Honey Badger don’t give a ****!

Anyway, I just have to say that the whole adventure was thrilling for me. No I didn’t see a Bigfoot, but I saw his tracks. I didn’t see a moose either, but I saw moose tracks!

I will definitely return to New Hampshire to go snowmobile squatching with Dax in the future! His offer is open to anyone who wants to go!

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Leominster, Massachussetts 1987

I just received this Bigfoot witness report from the late 80’s
Observed: Around May-June 1987,*******and myself were bass fishing in a little hole called Weekie Peekie,About 2am,we decided to relocate due to no action in said hole,.My jon boat was rigged in a way that it slid into the back of my Plymouth wagon(open the rear hatch,toss a strap and off we go) so,we got the boat out of the lake,I had the stearn ***** had the bow,we had to get the boat from the water to the road through the trees(approx.500 yds) very dark nite. Something off to my right sounds off with this scream that froze ***** in his steps,We didn’t see or smell anything just this scream that I can only describe as someone maybe lit on fire Times five.we got to the car,threw the boat in,didn’t strap it in and we were gone.Not one word was spoken during the long fast ride back to town.All we could say to each other was like “What The Hell Was That”? I have NEVER been back,don’t think I ever will.Born and raised in this area alot of people know me,I don’t share this with many,folks tend to look at me differently IF I try to tell someone.
What Year: 1987
What Season: Spring
What Month: May
Exact Date:
Time of Day: 2am dark low moon nite.
Where: south of leominster-Sterling
Nearest Town: leominster
Nearest Road: Pleasant st past May st.
State: MA – Massachusetts
County: worcester
Directions: from downtown Loeminster go south on Pleasant st towards Sterling,pass May st and on the right down in the woods the lake is visable from the road.
Environment: secluded scarce housing
Other Witnesses:******** (lives in Leominster)
Also Noticed: No fish,no bites,no noise,.
Other Incidents: no

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