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001When it’s 61 degrees on a Saturday in January in Ohio, you get outside.

Alan (Fathom Frontiers) and I hit to the woods of the Cuyahoga National Valley this morning for a fun filled day of hiking, I mean Bigfoot Research.

Alan had pulled up an old report of a track find and we hit the road. I called Mark Maisel of the BFRO and he couldn’t join us but he gave us a few tips where to head out.

Most of the snow has melted so we had to deal with a LOT of mud and some icy spots. Of course that was on the trail and who does trails??? Come on!!! So we got off trail and the fun begins.

At the first location we hiked for about 2 hours and absolutely nothing jumped out at us or seemed out of the ordinary. But man did it feel good to be hiking, climbing, jumping streams and just being one with nature!

We then headed to our second location and found many stick structures and lots of deer poop. LOTS. They are eating well.

It’s always fun to go into the woods and to new locations. The second area seems a bit more promising for activity and I’m sure we will add this to our places to go in the summer!

Marc DeWerth Presentation

The Massillon Public Library will present “Hunting for Bigfoot in Ohio,” featuring guest presenter and longtime Bigfoot investigator Marc DeWerth. This free program will be held at the Massillon Senior Center, 39 Lincoln Way W, in Massillon from 6 to 8 p.m. Jan. 19.

This free program will focus on the rash of recent Ohio reports DeWerth has received in 2012 from Holmes, Medina, Lorain, and Coshocton Counties. He will also be showing video footage from his alleged Ohio sighting in April of 1997. He is interested in all information about any recent alleged sightings in these counties. All information will be kept confidential. Feel free to contact DeWerth with your Bigfoot related incidents at madbigfoot@aol.com.

Registration is required. For more information or to register, stop by or call the Massillon Public Library Reference Desk at 330-832-9831, ext. 312 or visit www.massillonlibrary.org.

I have seen Marc’s video and it is fascinating!

Daisy Update

Steve Kulls has posted on his blog about a new venture regarding the alleged capture of a Bigfoot by team Quantra. To ensure that the verification and release of media information about this event, the MABRC and Team Quantra have assembled a “Bridging” group consisting of the following members:

The Independent part of the Bridging Group consists of:

Dr Jeff Meldrum
Kathy Strain
Melissa Hovey
Abe Del Rio
Steve Kulls

The MABRC part of the Bridging Team is as follows:

D.W. Lee
Randy Harrington
Jim Whitehead
Rob Gaudet
Doug Todd

Here is a statement made by Kulls and a link to his entire story:

By now some you have read the statement by DW Lee of the MABRC that he was asked by Ed Smith, on behalf of Team Quantra to establish a “Bridging Group.”

Several days ago, I was asked by DW Lee, much to my surprise, if I would participate in a meeting with Team Quantra, and the possibility of being able to observe their “live specimen.”

I was particularly impressed with the named researchers, as they represent all a fair representation geographically of the United States and a couple of them being scientists.

Read more here.

Squatch Unlimited story http://bigfoot.ning.com/profiles/blogs/daisy-bigfoot-bridging-team-to-include-dr-meldrum