The Yakima Roundup

The Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up will bring together the leading Sasquatch researchers, authors and enthusiasts to discuss the latest in Bigfoot news and evidence analysis.
Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. John Bindernagel, Bill Munns, Christopher L. Murphy, Cliff Barackman, Ron Morehead and Bob Gimlin will give talks and there will be a tribute banquet to some of the pioneer Bigfoot/Sasquatch researchers.
Join organizers Tom Yamarone and John Kirk, October 10, 11 & 12, 2014 as we celebrate Sasquatch Revealed in Yakima, Washington. For the remainder of the year, the Yakima Valley Museum is hosting this Bigfoot/Sasquatch exhibit, exquisitely displayed, featuring Sasquatch and bigfoot artifacts and rare memorabilia from the collection of Christopher L. Murphy. It is the first time since the inaugural Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up in May 2009 that a Bigfoot/Sasquatch conference has been hosted in the hometown of Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson.

Consider sending a Bigfoot related donation (art, prints, books, t-shirts, mugs, crafts, jewelry, etc) of any kind that could help benefit this cause in return for your name and web link being listed as a Sponsor in the official program for the event. I completely understand that times are tough for a lot of us and totally understand if you can’t do something this time.

Send items or contributions to:
Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up
c/o Yakima Valley Museum
2105 Tieton Drive
Yakima, WA 98902
attn Jessica Knapp & Tom Yamarone

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Tom Yamarone on The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show

yams and me

Join me this Wednesday, January 22 at 8:00 pm EST as I welcome back great friend and fellow Bigfoot researcher, Tom Yamarone!
Tom Yamarone is a singer/songwriter from Livermore, California who has been actively investigating the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery for over 10 years. His search for proof of sasquatch involves accumulating evidence and first-hand accounts. Tom also attempts to educate the interested public in the proper documentation of possible bigfoot evidence. Tom has organized several major conferences in California and Washington with the assistance of some very good friends. He has composed and performed songs about the bigfoot phenomenon since he was 14.
I first met Tom in August of 2009 in Oregon on my many travels. We have since gotten together many times and have had great fun singing around campfires on both coasts!

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Tomlinson Run State Park West Virginia

I am trying to fill my weekends with outdoor activity before the crappy winter settles in, so I had originally made plans to go to Salt Fork. Then I started thinking that Salt Fork is over run with people and I decided to head to Beaver Creek State Park. I then found out that Pioneer Days was going on at Beaver Creek, so I got out my map and found another area that appeared conducive in location to all of the sightings in the area. I contacted Eric Altman

eric wva

wva woods and we decided to make our own adventure to a place neither of us had ever been before.
Saturday morning I headed down RT 11, crossed over the border and arrived at Tomlinson Run State Park.
WE had obtained a trail map at the park headquarters and decided to take the most remote route, away from the campgrounds and picnic areas.
I can tell you that the trails here are not marked very well. Having never been there before we decided to blaze our own trail and headed uphill. It was about 75 degrees out with the humidity at about 900%.
We were soaked with sweat as we climbed higher and higher. Resting at each plateau. By the time we reached the top of Mt. Everest the, ahem, “hill” we were exhausted! Hiking along we didn’t notice anything even remotely squatchy but we were having a great time! There is nothing more exhilarating than being in the woods, at one with nature.
We noticed trees with blue spray-paint on them and assumed that was a trail so we descended gingerly, sidestepping, falling(me) and sliding down to the markers. I then noticed a sign on one tree that said “State Park Boundary” UGH we had hiked our butts right out of the park! LOL.
I have to tell you that this “hill” was very steep.
We realized we had to get back down to the creek so we continued downward. The leaves are falling now, hiding the ground underneath so it was very difficult to find a decent path or game trail to follow. I hit a patch of water run off and slid about 20 feet downhill on my arse! Damn that was fun! eric going down hill
I then got to another steep drop and began sidestepping my way down when I got too much momentum going! I was coming down too fast aimed directly at a huge tree. My right foot was in front and I had to jump to my left to brace myself for the impact. Wham! I succeeded in stopping my downward fall but my left knee popped from the pressure.
OWWWW! It took us about an hour and a half to finally make it to the creek. Even though my knee was screaming in pain, I never felt so alive!
As we sat there recuperating, three boys came down the real trail. We chatted a bit and showed them where we had come from and they shook their heads in amazement. They then played in the creek looking for crawfish under rocks and it reminded me of my youth, swimming in Tinker’s Creek, catching crawfish. Sometimes you just have to get outside and be a kid again. No work, no computer, fresh air, exercise! Do it!
dumb rocks
eric crossing log

eric crossing stream

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