The Steve O’Neil Game Cam Attack Video

I’d like to know your thoughts on this video! This video was captured from a trail cam belonging to avid researcher and Naturalist Steve O’Neil. Steve is the Executive Director for the Earthshine Nature Programs. The video was taken in Western North Carolina.
This has been posted to YouTube at Steve’s channel stevesnake68.
The action begins at the 24:30 mark.

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Tom Yamarone on The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show

yams and me

Join me this Wednesday, January 22 at 8:00 pm EST as I welcome back great friend and fellow Bigfoot researcher, Tom Yamarone!
Tom Yamarone is a singer/songwriter from Livermore, California who has been actively investigating the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery for over 10 years. His search for proof of sasquatch involves accumulating evidence and first-hand accounts. Tom also attempts to educate the interested public in the proper documentation of possible bigfoot evidence. Tom has organized several major conferences in California and Washington with the assistance of some very good friends. He has composed and performed songs about the bigfoot phenomenon since he was 14.
I first met Tom in August of 2009 in Oregon on my many travels. We have since gotten together many times and have had great fun singing around campfires on both coasts!

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