Just What is Mindspeak? Check this out!

The following conversation really happened this afternoon. I am omitting the name of the person for confidentiality, I am leaving the typos in as to maintain the conversation in it’s entirety.
I would love to hear your thoughts about what this person is telling me.
Conversation started today
(*****) Going squatching tonight. Am told I am expected to show up tonight….this was a message from “them”
as told thru a known trusted 3rd person

Sharon Lee you believe that stuff?

(*****) yes because it happened before and it will again tonight

Sharon Lee i don’t believe the mindspeak stuff, but hey have fun!

(*****) I didn’t either till I started having it happen to me……have been having more and more gradualy happening to me. so you dont pick up on anytihng when you see them? not pictures of words or anything?

Sharon Lee but you won’t use video camera or any recording equipment?

(*****)nope…..I dont need too….I already know they exist

Sharon Lee all righty then.

(*****) I dont want them found out and they know I dont want to have them found out…I want them to remain safe. but tell me…..when you see them ….you have never picked up on anything else?

Sharon Lee i have never seen one or heard one or smelled one

(*****) OH really? I thought you had. Sorry…..not even smelled one? wow, ok.

(*****) to make a long story short…..I have a friend that lives over 1000 miles away…..started having enteraction with one…and a very important one too in the grand scheme of things………I had not told her anything about my local clan or anything……I told her to tell him she had a friend in the midwest that is part of a clan. He immediately told her “Yes, and he longs to meet the clan leader {insert name here}.” It was the exact name of my local clan leader.

(*****)There has been many many other things that have since been said that she has not been told that she knows

Sharon Lee And you don’t think you are crazy?

3:40pm (*****) and you think I am?

Sharon Lee yes, and that is probably why I un-friended you! I would rather remain friendly and disagree.

(*****) lol……ok….but when were we unfriendly?

Sharon Lee no i’m just saying that i do get a lot of backlash from the “forest people” you do realize you sound crazy

(*****) I felt the exact same way when first being told about this….and then I saw my first one and then I started having other things happen……….before I knew about them when I was a kid hunting I would see all kinds of these weird tree formations and had no clue as to what would have done it as I was in the middle of 1000 acres…….then when I learned about them and started seeing the formations….I then knew exactly what had done what I had seen earlier as a kid……and then things really satarted happeneing……do you not write your column anymore?

Sharon Lee yes i do

(*****) you get backlash from the “forrest people” or from the little people bbecause you write about the “forest people”?

Sharon Lee I don’t give them any attention. I simply tell them I do not believe in mindspeak. OHHH!!!!! so you call Bigfoots the Forest People and human mindspeakers are the Little People?

(*****) ? no….Bigfoots ar “forest people” who some happen to mindspeak…..you and I are little people and who some are able to recieve the mindspeak.

Sharon Lee ok, do you mind if I share this conversation with my readers?
I will leave your name out. I need more input on this subject.

(*****) I have heard Bigfoots called tons of things…..Forest friend, Forest People, Sas, Squatch, Boogers, …..and we (you and I) called the little people…….
I guesss you can use it but I think everyone pretty much knows this part already.
Ok sure…..you may want to use this too….while some bigfoots have special “gifts” not all of them have them. Just as some of us “little people” have special “gifts” (phychic ability as an example) not all of us do.

(*****) If you are ever in the midwest and want to go squatching be glad to take you and show you…..may not see one but I’m sure you will at least be able to smell one and hear responses.

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Paranormal Activity

I’ve been friends with Grace since junior high school. We’ve kept in touch over the years and Facebook makes it so easy to stay connected. Last week Grace posted, “My ghost is back”. She then proceeded to tell me about the strange occurances taking place in her home.

I have never gotten into the ghost hunting but I knew the perfect guys to come investigate.
Alan and Jesse from Fathom Frontiers. Within minutes Alan eagerly agreed to come out with Jesse and their gear for a fun night of paranormal activity.

We arrived at 8:30 on Saturday evening, March 9, 2013. The guys set up their cameras to start the interview with Grace and her husband George. The following is the re-telling of their experiences.

The house they live in was a new construction built in 2005, they and their 3 children have been the only inhabitants of the house.
On September 25, 2012 they were all sound asleep whan at 3:20 a.m. they were awakened by a loud crash that sounded as if it came from the kitchen area. They ran downstairs to see the damage, they couldn’t find anything. They had assumed that a picture window had smashed or that a kitchen cabinet had collapsed sending all of the china and crystal shattering to the hard wood floor. After searching the entire house including the basement and garage they went back to bed. Not more than 20 minutes later they then heard a loud thud coming from the downstairs which sounded like a, heavy piece of furniture had been abruptly slid and dropped. They were certain that there was an intruder and immediately called 911. The 911 operator told them to gather the entire family into one room and close the door and wait for the police to arrive.

After a thorough inspection of the property, it was determined that nothing was out of the ordinary but the family was very perplexed.

There have been other subtle but notable things taking place since that day such as Grace hearing someone in the other room when she thought she was alone, she called out hey whose there? assuming her husband or sons had come in while she was engrossed in Words With Friends ;). The youngest child, 14 year old Grayson was watching television in her room before bed. She got up to brush her teeth and walked to her bathroom and when she returned the television was off and her bedroom door was ajar. She immediately ran into her parent’s room and slept there.
The most recent event which is why we decided to investigate occurred on Tuesday, March 4, 2013. The family was fast asleep when at 12:20 a.m. they were once again awakened by the sound of something scraping and sliding down the wallthen crashing to the floor. They ran downstairs and found nothing out of place. That’s when they decided something paranormal was going on and they wanted to get to the bottom of it.

We then toured the entire house which is pretty much a small mansion. Jesse and Alan went room to room taking EMF and temperature readings. Only one area showed any spikes in readings and it was in the general vicinity of where the sounds seem to eminate. Grace, George and I then retired to the kitchen and let the Fathom Frontiers get to work. They spent the next hour taking pictures, and readings with all of their high tech equipment.
It was now around midnight when we all assembled in the family room to try to communicate with any spirits using a device called a “spirit box” which is a device used for contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency.spirit
Alan adjusted the device to a certain radio frequency where white noise eminated through the speaker. We all took turns asking questions and asked for names. We got several responses that made the hair on my chest stand on end! The guys were also videotaping the session to see if anything was manifesting in the room with us. They then asked the spirits to quit bothering the family and the box went quiet.

Alan and Jesse are reviewing all of the data they collected and will follow up with their findings!