Bigfoot in 2013-The Year in Review

I would like to give a great big shout out and thank you to Guy Edwards, Melissa Hovey and Gabrielle for being a part of the radio show tonight!
We had a great time and had a witness call in with her story!
Congrats to Abe Del Rio for correctly answering tonight’s trivia question! He is the recipient of a pound (or so) of Bigfoot Coffee! Thank you to Gunnar Monson, the proprietor of Bigfoot coffee, for his contribution!

If you missed us live you can listen to the archived show right here! (those two mugs you see on the page had absolutely nothing to do with this show! I just love these guys!)

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Sharon Lee’s Annual Christmas List for the Bigfoot Enthusiast in Your Life!

Thanksgiving week is upon us which means the Christmas season is quickly approaching!
It is time once again for my annual Squatchmas shopping list of the most popular websites featuring Bigfoot items that your favorite Squatcher would enjoy under the tree or in their stocking!
One truly great find were these amazing Bigfoot collectibles from Bigfoot Valley. They are hand-painted and mounted on a base made of real Manzanita wood. These whimsical creatures each have their own distinct personality.
You’ll want to collect them all! the person who likes to wear their passion on their sleeve, I suggest the Sasqwatch!
I have a pink one :)

For your holiday decorating needs, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland has both a Bigfoot and a Yeti Christmas tree ornament. They do have another Bigfoot bulb ornament in their catalog, but I did not see it on their website. So maybe you might want to request a catalog from them!
6 foot tall!
Now many of you have seen the 3 foot tall Bigfoot garden statue by Toscano that many Squatchers show off on their profile pics, but did you know that Toscano has a new Bigfoot item to share? Design Toscano has captured the mythical giant Bigfoot in a breathtaking life-size 6-foot quality designer resin statue, hand-painted for startling Sasquatch realism.
The Giant Garden Yeti Statue will have guests doing a double take and then running to get a camera to record the occasion! Taking over four months to research, sculpt and cast, the Giant Garden Yeti sculpture commands a unique presence in home or garden. I also love this, I saw it in their catalog, it is the Bashful Bigfoot. He clings to trees in your yard and is less expensive than the garden statue. Also, not to be outdone by Bronner’s, Toscono offers this adorable ornament.

Author Dave Coleman has spent the last few years researching every Bigfoot movie and documentary he could get his hands on for his sensational creation, The Bigfoot Filmography his epic examination of all-things Bigfoot-related as appears on tv and in movies. This book SOLD OUT at Cryptopalooza last year and has sold out on!

For the sophisticated researcher, might I suggest a pice of fine art from the Rebekah Sisk Fine Art Studio. Rebekah is an artist who has a passion for wildlife portraits and impressionist landscapes, First Nation style form line painting and photography.

Another talented artist and renowned Bigfoot Researcher, Sybilla Irwin has many unique and beautiful items that would look fabulous on any wall or in any humble abode!wood mask I happen to own this handsome fella!

Alan and Jesse of Fathom Frontiers have created their own company called Grassman Gear An outdoor gear, apparel and weekend adventure companylogo

Also, many DVD favorites such as Sean Whitley’s Southern Fried Bigfoot,
and Cryptotrip the documentary by Christopher Maloney. Contact him directly for your copy, only $10!

Walter Tippie offers some very unique leather items from his Etsy shopkey chain

And as we all know, Christmas is for GIVING! You can make charitable donations to Michael Rugg’s Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, California and/or Peter Byrne’s International Wildlife Conservation Society and/or Loren Coleman’s International Cryptozoology Museum.

And for your Christmas Card giving from Robert Swain:

Twelve signed Christmas cards and envelopes for $10.00. 12 cards in a pack (six different cartoons) with a BF character on the matching envelope. Robert has signed each card! Holiday special $10 plus shipping instead of the regular $15. Also available is his book, Laughsquatch, at the low Holiday special $10 plus shipping. He will be happy to sign the book with a personal message if desired!
Contact Robert directly to order on Facebook,, phone (501) 733-5485,
P.O. Box 1030 Vilonia, AR 72173 or order through Paypal under Robert Swain using the above e-mail address.
Cash is fine, checks are fine, paypal is great, chickens are fine and so is real Bigfoot scat!

As you can see there are many options for gift giving to the Squatcher in your life, and don’t forget your favorite Bigfoot Field Reporter, ME!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Bigfoot in New Jersey Book Review

Pine Winds Press is pleased to announce the publication of a new book,
Bigfoot in New Jerseybfnj by WR Matts released on 18 July 2013.

Matts was very thoughtful in his compilation of this book, giving the reader a step by step introduction to Bigfoot research, creature characteristics and behavioral traits.

Since the 1894 report that a “Wildman” with a club was seen traveling
through Morris County, strange creatures resembling Bigfoot have been
reported in New Jersey. The Pine Barrens, 1.1 million acres covering
parts of seven different counties and 22% of the entire state, has been
a rich source for glimpses of the legend. Many other parts of the state
have been visited by Bigfoot as well. In this book, WR Matts documents
68 of these recorded sightings from all across the Garden State.

Matts also provides three comprehensive reports about his own research
in High Point State Park and Wharton State Forest. He explains his personal
methodology, the success of which led him to encounter one eight-foot
creature at the Godfrey Bridge Campground in the Pine Barrens.

Other chapters of the book discuss how studies of Bigfoot are evolving
with the realization that these intelligent creatures can avoid current
research methods such as camera traps and call blasting. Recent reports
of long-term habituation experiences seem to point in the direction of
using Bigfoot’s natural curiosity as a more effective way to make contact.

I recommend this book for your collection and also to give as a gift to someone who may be new in the field of research to use as a guideline.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy, you can contact them at this link:
Pine Woods Press