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If you are planning a trip to Tennessee you might want to check out this sighting:
(witness information withheld)
Observed: In October of 2010, the wife and I spent our honeymoon down in Gatlinburg, TN. We didn’t do much in the way of hiking, opting to spend our time in our cabin or downtown, until our second to last day. The wife decided she wanted to take the 23 mile trip to the North Carolina/Tennessee border to visit Clingman’s Dome–the highest point of the Great Smokey Mountains. It was a beautiful, cloudless day, so off we went.

On the way there, there are many scenic pull-offs. Unfortunately, with it being the most popular, and beautiful season of the year with the leaves turning, many of the pull-offs were jam packed. So, we would try to find areas that were less populated. We’re a very private couple, and prefer not being around too many people. We found one area that had one or two cars, so we decided to pull over and take in the sight.

Now, I should mention that I grew up in Sevierville, TN. I am accustomed to seeing black bears. Heck, we saw several on the way to Clingman’s. I have been around them, and seen them enough to know what I am looking at.

As my wife is snapping pictures at this pull-off, I’m looking at the side of the mountains, when off to my right, and about 150-200 feet up and over a large gap from where we were, I saw this black blob on a lip of the side of the sheer rock mountain. At first, I thought it was a tree or a bush, until I saw it shift its weight. When it moved, I could see the shine from it’s black fur reflect in the sun. I figured it to be a black bear, and made a little side comment to my wife “Oh, another black bear up here”. Because we had just gotten close ups of the bears earlier on our drive, and it was so far away, we didn’t bother to try and snap pictures.

I went back to taking in the sights, and looked back at my bear friend after a minute, when the thing quickly stood up onto two legs. My mouth dropped. One, it was right at the edge of ledge, I don’t even think unstable on two legged bears would brave that. And two, it was massive. Especially compared to the distance between us, it was huge. I made out broad, muscular shoulders, and very long arms down to the knees. The legs were shorter compared to the rest of the body, and a head that just sort of sat on the shoulders. Other than that, due to the distance, I could make out no other discernible features.

Before I could utter a word to my wife, another dark head popped into view over the ridge, and the standing one turned around and walked away from the edge and out of view.

Mind you, where we were, there was a steep, sheer rock wall going down. And another sheer rock wall going up. There was no way a human got up there. And even if they rock climbed, that still doesn’t account for the fur shine and the size.

I got a dismissive response from my wife when I told her what I saw, and this is really the first I’m mentioning it since then.
What Year: 2010
What Season: Fall
What Month: October
Exact Date: 20th
Time of Day: During a bright, sunny, perfectly clear day. Very bright day.
Where: Great Smokey Mountains on the way to Clingman’s Dome
Nearest Town: Pigeon Forge, TN? Deep in the Smokeys.
Nearest Road: Newfound Gap Rd
State: TN – Tennessee
County: Swain County, NC
Directions: Honestly, I could drive there, but I couldn’t tell you what pull-off it was by name.
Environment: Mountain ridge in the Smokies.
Other Witnesses: I, unfortunately was the sole person who saw it. No one made mention of it, if they did see it too.
Also Noticed: Nothing.
Other Incidents: I saw this footage AT Clingman’s Dome..

The image at the beginning of the video is not a Bigfoot, you can see the pant bottoms, however the people are seeing something up in the trees.

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Dog food and Bigfoot

In the book titled Bigfoot Observer’s Field Manual, Robert W. Morgan stated that you don’t have to travel far to begin your search for Bigfoot. A very true statement that I now believe.

Today is May 24, 2014. It is a bright and sunny spring day so I decided to take my 10 year old dog, Riley, to Hogback Ridge for some exercise. I took my time getting there, stopping to fill the tank, mailing some Bigfoot Adventure Weekends! bumper stickers out to friends, windows down, dog hair flying all over.

We finally get to Hogback and walk/run 2.5 miles, my poor old boy can’t even jump up in the Jeep anymore. I then stop by the feed store to pick him up some food and treats. As I was waiting to pull out onto the street, the railroad gates came down so I patiently waited. All of a sudden there was a man leaning in the passenger side window and he yells to me, “is that sign on the back of your Jeep legit?” If you haven’t seen my Jeep, I have The Bigfoot Field Reporter across the back window and a multitude of various stickers. I replied, “Yes, absolutely! I am a Bigfoot researcher!” (very proudly I might add.)
He then told me that he found tracks along the power lines on Monday after a friend of his from church told him that he saw something large and dark cross in front of his car on Saturday night. This was on Hubbard Road. 1.4 miles from my driveway. He then told me he had pics of the footprints on his cell phone. I am beyond excited now, so I throw the Jeep in reverse and meet him at his car. I saw the pics. I saw the toes. He told me that he has been researching Bigfoot for 38 years but is just a couch researcher. He measured the prints and the stride, 20″ prints and a 51″ stride, so if our calculations are correct, we are talking about an 8.5 to 9 foot tall creature weighing about 800 lbs. If this is the same creature that was reported to the BFRO last March, he seems to be hanging around. There have been quite a few sightings of him in the past year, the most recent report being 3 months ago at Geneva State Park.
I begged him to contact the 3 witnesses that were in the car and ask them if they would report the story to the BFRO or to my website. He then gives me his email address and his last name is familiar…I asked if he was related to Walt and he said, yes that is his uncle.

So now my mind is officially blown. Too many coincidences for this to be random. He and his wife had already been to the feed store earlier to get dog food and returned to buy a bird feeder. I was there, the train stopped me, his wife saw my Jeep and told him to go talk to me.

This is so thrilling to know that I have one literally in my back yard! I will get Alan and Jesse of Fathom Frontiers and begin some intense searching of this area.

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