Leominster, Massachussetts 1987

I just received this Bigfoot witness report from the late 80’s
Observed: Around May-June 1987,*******and myself were bass fishing in a little hole called Weekie Peekie,About 2am,we decided to relocate due to no action in said hole,.My jon boat was rigged in a way that it slid into the back of my Plymouth wagon(open the rear hatch,toss a strap and off we go) so,we got the boat out of the lake,I had the stearn ***** had the bow,we had to get the boat from the water to the road through the trees(approx.500 yds) very dark nite. Something off to my right sounds off with this scream that froze ***** in his steps,We didn’t see or smell anything just this scream that I can only describe as someone maybe lit on fire Times five.we got to the car,threw the boat in,didn’t strap it in and we were gone.Not one word was spoken during the long fast ride back to town.All we could say to each other was like “What The Hell Was That”? I have NEVER been back,don’t think I ever will.Born and raised in this area alot of people know me,I don’t share this with many,folks tend to look at me differently IF I try to tell someone.
What Year: 1987
What Season: Spring
What Month: May
Exact Date:
Time of Day: 2am dark low moon nite.
Where: south of leominster-Sterling
Nearest Town: leominster
Nearest Road: Pleasant st past May st.
State: MA – Massachusetts
County: worcester
Directions: from downtown Loeminster go south on Pleasant st towards Sterling,pass May st and on the right down in the woods the lake is visable from the road.
Environment: secluded scarce housing
Other Witnesses:******** (lives in Leominster)
Also Noticed: No fish,no bites,no noise,.
Other Incidents: no

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