The Yakima Roundup

The Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up will bring together the leading Sasquatch researchers, authors and enthusiasts to discuss the latest in Bigfoot news and evidence analysis.
Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. John Bindernagel, Bill Munns, Christopher L. Murphy, Cliff Barackman, Ron Morehead and Bob Gimlin will give talks and there will be a tribute banquet to some of the pioneer Bigfoot/Sasquatch researchers.
Join organizers Tom Yamarone and John Kirk, October 10, 11 & 12, 2014 as we celebrate Sasquatch Revealed in Yakima, Washington. For the remainder of the year, the Yakima Valley Museum is hosting this Bigfoot/Sasquatch exhibit, exquisitely displayed, featuring Sasquatch and bigfoot artifacts and rare memorabilia from the collection of Christopher L. Murphy. It is the first time since the inaugural Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up in May 2009 that a Bigfoot/Sasquatch conference has been hosted in the hometown of Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson.

Consider sending a Bigfoot related donation (art, prints, books, t-shirts, mugs, crafts, jewelry, etc) of any kind that could help benefit this cause in return for your name and web link being listed as a Sponsor in the official program for the event. I completely understand that times are tough for a lot of us and totally understand if you can’t do something this time.

Send items or contributions to:
Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up
c/o Yakima Valley Museum
2105 Tieton Drive
Yakima, WA 98902
attn Jessica Knapp & Tom Yamarone

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