The Hunt for Uncle Harry part 2

Of course I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! Part 2 of our weekend as told by the Fathom Frontiers.
The chill of the night was beginning to seep into the hat and gloves, and new sounds were about to send chills up our spines. We first heard something that sounded like a footfall, or step, onto a small stick and into something squishy. This was off to our right and made sense as there is marsh like land in that direction. By itself it was interesting, but alone, not really worth any more than noting it occurred. We then heard essentially the same noise a few minutes later in the same direction except farther forward. An interesting development and this began to gain our attention.
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The Hunt for Uncle Harry

Cabin fever had set in. Bea Mills and Mark Maisel had enough of old man winter and they decided to organize a fun Bigfoot outing for several Ohio Bigfoot researchers.
Bea was providing the meals and discounted lodging accommodations.
Finally Friday April 4th arrived! I was chomping at the bit to get out of work and hit the road so I sneaked out a half hour early. I picked up my friend Bob and we headed out only to be stuck in an hour long traffic jam! Grrrrr.
We eventually met up with the gang a little after 8 pm at Jackie’s restaurant in Kimbolton. In attendance were Bea Mills, Mark Maisel, Marc DeWerth, Sonya Horstman, Bigfoot Dave, Lori and Brent Sheppard, Fred (BFRO) Joe Keske and 2 other gentlemen that I did not get their names. They had already eaten so they left us to our dinner and we were to meet up at the campsite to engage in the night time hike and research. Alan and Jesse had to work late but they eventually joined us after we got back from dinner.
The temperature had dropped into the 40′s and the winds were whipping the trees together, it felt like an October night. It had rained earlier in the day and the ground was muddy and slippery. I almost wiped out once, almost.
We had split into 3 teams throughout the park (Salt Fork State Park) and hiked in the dark for the next two and a half hours. The clouds were thick and there was no visible moonlight.
The wind really made any type of investigation impossible so we all headed back to our campers, tents, cabins and rooms.
The next morning a very ambitious Bea cooked up eggs and ham for the early risers. We then convened as a group to head out to the Wills Creek area where Marc DeWerth had filmed an alleged Sasquatch in the late 1990′s.
The day was still brisk but the sun finally poked through the clouds spreading its warmth across our faces. We again split into two groups and covered as much ground as we could. We did find some interesting tree structures and possible nesting areas.lori
We hiked for at least 7 miles and this old gal’s legs were about to fall off! Its time to get back into squatching shape! Been on the couch too long this long, cold, brutal winter!davewills creekLori brent and bea

Bob and Alan checking out another trail
Bob and Alan checking out another trail

Don’t forget, as if you could, the Ohio Bigfoot Conference April 26th! See you there!

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The Steve O’Neil Game Cam Attack Video

I’d like to know your thoughts on this video! This video was captured from a trail cam belonging to avid researcher and Naturalist Steve O’Neil. Steve is the Executive Director for the Earthshine Nature Programs. The video was taken in Western North Carolina.
This has been posted to YouTube at Steve’s channel stevesnake68.
The action begins at the 24:30 mark.

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