Monkey Man Woodcut Print

This week’s featured artist is Loren Kantor from Hollywood, California. Loren’s avenue of artistry is geared towards woodcutting.
His most recent piece depicts an actual poster for a traveling circus/freak show from turn-of-the-century Europe.
“Solomon” was supposedly found in the Solomon Islands.

The story is told that a few days before the freak show came to town, news reports began circulating of a strange monkey-like creature that was appearing at night and attacking people. Eyewitness accounts were inconsistent, but the creature was described as about five-feet tall covered in black hair and amazingly human-like. Imagine it’s 1908, you’re a young child in London, you’ve survived another flu season and your dad is taking you on a stroll down Piccadilly Street. You make it within a block of Hyde Park and there outside the Pickard Theater stands a monkey in a business suit. At least you think it’s a monkey. The sign on the theater marquis advertises Solomon the Monkey Man. This was the nature of the circus in those days. Bearded ladies, strong men, two-headed boys and animal-human hybrids. solomon (5″ x 7″, black ink print)

Visit Loren’s blog at: to view his other objets d’art.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! I will be at Cabela’s in Triadelphia, W. Va. and will be interviewing many researchers including the great Dr. Meldrum!

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