bigfoot stareGuest post by Iron Mountain Ridge
Well, Isn’t This An Interesting Turn Of Events

This guy looks a little peeved, don’t you think? I wonder why.

Flashback to 2008 – two guys claim to have a dead bigfoot in a freezer. Made CNN, lots of others. Turns out BOGUS. A really, really bad hoax…laughably bad, and Bigfooting is never the same. One of the “players” ends up running helter-skelter with “tracking” thereafter. Laughed at and scorned, he becomes angry and petulant, hell bent on teaching the community a lesson. Yikes. Scary, huh?

Forward to early fall, 2012. A video surfaces showing a purported bigfoot out a tent mesh window. It’s showcased, analyzed and predictably torn apart. But, it *looked* promising…until…it’s known who shot the footage. RED FLAD – it’s none other than R. Dyer, aka Freezer Boy.

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