Daisy Update

Steve Kulls has posted on his blog about a new venture regarding the alleged capture of a Bigfoot by team Quantra. To ensure that the verification and release of media information about this event, the MABRC and Team Quantra have assembled a “Bridging” group consisting of the following members:

The Independent part of the Bridging Group consists of:

Dr Jeff Meldrum
Kathy Strain
Melissa Hovey
Abe Del Rio
Steve Kulls

The MABRC part of the Bridging Team is as follows:

D.W. Lee
Randy Harrington
Jim Whitehead
Rob Gaudet
Doug Todd

Here is a statement made by Kulls and a link to his entire story:

By now some you have read the statement by DW Lee of the MABRC that he was asked by Ed Smith, on behalf of Team Quantra to establish a “Bridging Group.”

Several days ago, I was asked by DW Lee, much to my surprise, if I would participate in a meeting with Team Quantra, and the possibility of being able to observe their “live specimen.”

I was particularly impressed with the named researchers, as they represent all a fair representation geographically of the United States and a couple of them being scientists.

Read more here.

Squatch Unlimited story http://bigfoot.ning.com/profiles/blogs/daisy-bigfoot-bridging-team-to-include-dr-meldrum

Animal/Primate Behavior


Please join us Wednesday January 9th at 9 pm EST and 6 pm Pacific as we welcome Dr. Esteban Sarmiento and Emily Gaydos on the show to discuss animal/primate behavior.

Dr. Esteban Sarmiento is an esteemed Primatologist who has been featured on many televison shows including MonsterQuest.

Emily Gaydos is an animal behaviorist from California who was a guest on my show about animal Vocalizations.


The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show-THURSDAY

musky v bigfootJack Barnes of Facebook/Find Bigfoot has over 33,000 followers on his page

Famed Skeptic Musky Allen asks: It’s 2012 where is the proof/evidence? Well, FB/FB for the last 3 years has shown hundreds of casts, scores of video, sounds, stick structures and consistent eyewitness reports. Obviously, none has sufficed. Today we bring the best proof to date.

Here is his challenge:
Musky Allen: “Since it’s almost the end of 2012, I challenge anyone (including FB/FB) to present what they consider proof or evidence pertaining to the existence of Sasquatch. I’ll accept Bigfootery evidence. Be prepared to back up your claim, even if you think it’s universally accepted, LOL…..bring it??”

@Musky Allen The best proof is to show you a living SASQUATCH-SHAPED creature. Fortunately we have a specimen. An excellent example, and that rugged individual even has a name …. Musky Allen. One man who loves to stand apart from crowd and take a position as an individual.

So tomorrow night, Thursday January 3, 2013 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm Central and 6 pm Pacific, these two fine gentlemen will have a philosophical and scientific discussion about the possible existence of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot.