Rene Dahinden Film Footage

I have acquired a piece of film footage that shows John Green and others researching tracks approximately one month before October 20, 1967!

The description of the video as follows verified by Todd Prescott and Steven Streufert:

Filmed at Blue Creek Mountain ridge, along the new road construction, 1967, from late August to the first couple of days in September.
It IS very important footage. The later part is potentially down in the creekbed, just downstream a few hundred yards from the later PGF site, where footprints were found in the sandbar.

In the fim are the pilot, Keith Chiazzari, along with the dog handler Dale Moffit.

John Green is the tall guy in the middle.

Blue Creek Mountain and Onion Mountain constitute the western wall above Bluff Creek basin. Tracks were found along new construction on these roads in August 1967, two separate events, the later one leading to an early September phone call from Al Hodgson to the Patterson home. From there Roger got Bob involved and made it down to the scene in October.

It was filmed by RENE DAHINDEN.

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