Jerry Coleman

Some of you don’t know Jerry Coleman…the younger brother of Loren Coleman.
Jerry has written a few books himself, Strange Highways and More Strange Highways.
He also has a website
About Jerry:
I question everything, but anything is possible even when seemingly improbable.

Am I a Cryptozoologist? I don’t know, I’ve been called worse.

In 1977 I investigated the Lawndale, Illinois Thunderbird reports of the Lowe family. (Article on this site)
In 1994 I created and produced the “Myth or Real- collector card series.
In 2003 my first full length work was released in the form of a book called “Strange Highways-.
In 2006 the sequel “More Strange Highways- was released.
And in the midst of the above — articles can be found from: Fate Magazine, Strange Magazine, various newspapers, and Cryptozoological books. I’ve done a few radio broadcasts and guest appearances on local television programs.

I encourage anyone that has a story to tell, a comment to make or question to ask to please feel free to e-mail me at: or leave a message at FaceBook/Jerry D. Coleman .

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