Bigfoot Sighting in Lisbon, Ohio

Last week I received a message from Adrianne of Tri-State Bigfoot. She asked if I would be interested in following up on a Bigfoot sighting in my neck of the woods. Of course I jumped at the chance! It is refreshing to see that the Tri-State Bigfoot organization is willing to share information for the common good!

The witness submitted the report through the Tri-State Bigfoot website, Adrianne then sent me the info.

This sighting took place on Thursday, 11/22/12 at 2 pm
Witness account: “It was about 2 in the afternoon on route 11. There was very light traffic and I was cruising at a pretty good clip like I do on open streches. I’m always looking for police and troopers trying to catch me speeding so I have a nak for spotting things. I was heading south and the creature was crossing the northbound side. Not sure exactly, on the location. There isn’t enough signage, but I believe it was near or after Leetonia but before Lisbon. It was in an area where a creek or drainage crosses the highway because the metal guardrail is close to the road and it is kind of bushy in the middle area at that point. That’s probably the best i can do without going back down there. The sasquatch was light brown walking upright for a few strides across the northbound lane, then over the rail smoothly.”

“It was definitely not a deer. This thing took a few large strides and
was gone.”

The witness chose email as his primary source of contact so I emailed him and he replied within 24 hours.
He had spent a lot of time trying to process what he had experienced and after diligent research, he was able to provide the exact coordinates to the location. One thing that did strike me as odd was that he referred to the creature as a “woodbooger”. For some reason that makes me believe that he has more than a passing interest in the subject, but, that is just my opinion.

I exchanged a few more emails with him and found him to be truthful. He was on his way to Mountaineer casino in West Virginia and is not from that area.

So yesterday, 12/2/12, I headed out around 9:30 a.m., cameras ready, dash cam mounted. My destination was about an hour and forty-five minutes away and it was a gray, rainy, dreary day.

I arrived at the exact coordinates and exited the highway. Unfortunately, the woods were chock full of hunters! I took the opportunity to stick my business card on all of their vehicles.

The deer were scurrying about, trying to find a place to hide. There was no way I was taking my chances by going deep into these woods so I surveyed the terrain and decided that this was most definitely suitable for a Sasquatch habitat. There was an abundant water source, food source and the area was actively being mined.

I have had other reports from this same area and I do plan on returning after hunting season. If you have a sighting or a story to tell email me at:

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