Cell Phone Video Hoax

We all smelled a rat. Typical blurry video. Lame back story. Press conference scheduled.

Steve Kulls ferreted out the rat.

Our hoaxer is not new to this game. He has hoaxed before. This time he dragged in the big guns.
There is a very gullible man who runs Facebook Finding Bigfoot. FB/FB.
Rick Dyer was smart enough to know that FB/FB believes anything and everything. He found his sucker.
On September 12, 2012 Rick Dyer announces that he is cancelling all future engagements and that he has given all the rights to his YouTube account and Bigfoottracker.com website to an “undisclosed entity”.
September 12, 2012 shootingsasquatch.com is launched.

Many in the Bigfoot community were uneasy about this cell phone video. It was good! But the herrings were starting to stink up the place.
The Bigfoot Field Reporter along with the support of DW Lee and the MABRC decided to take a stand and finally call out FB/FB and boycott their Facebook fan page that has over 27,000 fans. The people cheered!

Steve Kulls dug deep and hard.
Dyer’s first mistake was calling out Kulls…bad move. His second mistake was releasing the color version of the video.

It wasn’t long before Kulls began adding up the pieces, photos, video and timeline.

Before Dyer set his YouTube videos to private, one sharp person watched it and heard the reference to the 2008 Georgia Hoax and another post with Rick Dyer claiming he had a big announcement.

Notice the color and style of the tent

Color image from cell phone video

You are done Rick Dyer. You are done Jack Barnes. You will never be considered credible in anything that you do.
We are smarter than you think.
Props to Steve Alcorn and Steve Kulls. We will give you more details as they are confirmed. But for tonight, I am satisfied that justice has been done.

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